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Speaking & Consulting

Authentic, honest stories that engage people to be vulnerable and change for the better. Making real and difficult conversations accessible and easy to digest, so we can create communities that want to grow together.

A.Cee Authenticity: Vulnerable Leadership Stories

Built on our Shoulders: Using Higher Ed's Dark History for Social Justice

Why We Shouldn't Wait: Avoiding Racial Justice Procrastination

Are You an Advocacy Hypocrite?: Making your Activism Intersectional

Leadership & Collectivism: How Capitalism Creates Poor Leaders

Learning the JEDI Arts: Restoring Balance to Humanity using Diversity Work

When Push Comes to Shove, Will your Integrity Remain?

Speaking & Consulting Topics

  • Leadership Development

  • Leadership Transitions

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Social Justice

  • Mentorship & Networking

  • Professional Development

  • Planning & Goal Setting

  • Growth Mindedness

  • Integrity & Authenticity

  • Pivoting Careers

  • Effective Communication


Who Have I Worked With?



In collaboration with two of my friends and colleagues from graduate school, we wrote a blog post for the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) about starting our careers as Black higher education professionals in an era of COVID-19 and racial unrest.


Phired Up

In this guest blog through Phired Up, I shine a light on what recruitment looks like for culturally-based fraternal organizations and how walls have been built up between members and those who are considering membership.



In this conversation on the YOUniversity podcast with Annmarie Chereso, we have a discusssion about systemic racism, learning from our individual and collective mistakes, and how feedback should be used as an act of love.

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Dialogue that

leads to action

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