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My name is Alonzo Cee and this serves as a deeper introduction to who I am and an outline of the global experience in the Master of Arts in Higher Education Program at Elon University. It will go through the purpose of the experience, the course, and this page as a culminating project. I currently serve as the Graduate Apprentice for the Center for Leadership in my second year of the master’s program. 


This project serves to showcase the blog posts and work done throughout the course of this semester as well as articulate our global experience and our course. This journey of going to Japan served as an opportunity to complete a long process of building a global experience. While we were there we were able to compare and contrast education systems, look at higher education in a more global context, and also explore a different culture in ways that can impact our worldview, biases, assumptions, and prejudices. 


This page will include likes to all of my blogs including my final concluding blog, as well as pictures and accounts throughout our experience abroad in Japan. I hope that you enjoy the content and gain some insights into my experience with my Master’s cohort in Japan.




Alonzo Cee

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